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Strategy is perhaps the one of the top ten terms used by Top Management in meetings and forums that require a team to focus on a goal. It perhaps gives the agenda and the forum a bit more seriousness than just a plan. 

Every leader has excelled in laying out Strategy and is definitely a well defined skill. But how does this happen ? Where does one get the inputs ? Are all strategies guaranteed success?

While I was setting my company the scope of work and the area of operation was very clear in my mind, the issue was how to make it look sexy enough to attract the right attention. It all had to be in the name and in the logo.

The name had to be serious enough to sound real business and yet cool enough to remember and recall. And so the process started...

Over the last three years I have specialized in making the most mundane of promotions, events and offers look sexy - yes I have had my share of failures and learnings as well but this was truly something I thought I was good at.

Until - this phase when I had to create something for myself. And it stressed me out and I spent hours on the net - doing focused and random searches - looking at start ups across the globe - spending time on godaddy and of course a lot on google.

Being an ardent admirer of General Colin Powell and his leadership style, I got inspired to think of the military systems and like so many other Management tools - STRATEGY stood out and interested me.

Most of the business principles have been adopted from the Military and Strategy is no exception, or perhaps is top of the list.

On Wikipedia it says -  “the term came into use in the 6th century C.E. in East Roman terminology, and was translated into Western vernacular languages only in the 18th century. From then until the 20th century, the word "strategy" came to denote "a comprehensive way to try to pursue political ends, including the threat or actual use of force, in a dialectic of wills" in a military conflict, in which both adversaries interact.”

And there are several other definitions one can find at a click of a button on the net, but I will try to explain it my way in context to my career and life and plans.

Strategy to me in a mantra - a formula that defines the goal and the smartest way for me to get there now. It will change for another person or for me in another time and situation.

So till now my professional and personal life and life on the Golf course has been a collection of strategies - and I guess I have gotten here in life today because most of those strategies got me to where I wanted.

Yes I could have been elsewhere if some more had worked or perhaps if my goal was different.

So while I am fascinated with goals and knowingly or unknowingly developing a strategy for all goals - even if it is a drive to the supermarket to buy bread - how to do this the smartest way possible by either coupling it with another goal or by adding more to this rather simple goal. I need clarity on my companies goal to be able to define the strategy.

But wait a minute, isn’t that the dilemma of almost every Business ? And are we all not tempted to focus on what appeals to me rather than what is profitable. And to delink the personal from the professional is always the key task of every Consultant - and a good consultant perhaps is someone who is able to to do this without truly shattering the Ego or dream of the entrepreneur or business head.

Thanks to this line of thinking the goal of my company got very clear - To devise the Strategy for other businesses. Hospitality has groomed my career and is my comfort zone so Hospitality was the obvious field of operation, although today the reach of hospitality is crossing borders into many other industries like retail, fitness, real estate and of course travel is getting more dynamic.

I am happy to introduce you to Strategic Hospitality Services. Thank you for reading through this and maybe I have been a bit too narcissistic in taking all the credit but trust me it is a whole team behind this evolution - none of the steps or thoughts are mine and even the little that I should take credit for is the result of inspiration from all around me which has been and is overwhelming.

Interact with us, engage with us, get to know us - our passion is quite visible.

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